At home activities

Ever since I cut down my working volume, I have been staying at home doing house work and do some cooking. At times, I meet up with my friends. So far, I kind of enjoy the slow pace of my life.

In the morning, I prepare breakfast for my husband (which I rarely had the chance to do this during my working life). Then, I do my housework. The feeling is so satisfying and happy to see the house is clean and tidy.
I now get to cook dinner more frequent as I will have the time to do marketing and to cook in the evening, and most importantly, more energy! What's more, an NTUC has just opened near my block. Hurray!

Clean and cook, that's what I enjoy doing now. Of course, besides these I also borrow books from library for reading. It seems that I get to do variety of things ever since I cut down my working volume.

Cleaning house, cooking, going to library, surfing net, learning new words, meeting/visiting friends, exercising, sleeping...(going to add some more activities). I will add more useful activities!

Finally, we booked a bbq pit at East Coast and we are going to have a small family gathering. I don't think I will be able to do it efficiently when I was working.

One important thing is, my relationship with my husband has improved. It's now more harmony as I don't anyhow throw my tantrum.

And I believe, my health will improve and the energy level will go up!

"It's the journey of life that matters, not the destination."
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