Busy week

Last week was kind of a busy one for me. My cousin, Oscar came to visit us from Tawau (he's going to watch the Olympic game in Beijing and awaiting his visa to be approved in KL). Not many places we've been to as this is not a uncommon place for him, he stayed here before. In fact, he brought me to Lucky Plaza to have "roasted duck noodle", I didn't know that there is this kind of stall. The noodle tasted ok especially when it is with lot of gravy.

I felt so good that I went to hospital for my mom in law's routine check up with my father in law. It was suppose that my father in law to bring my mom in law to the doctor and then I suggested I follow too (I wanted to do so but I couldn't when I was working). I talked alot to my mom in law during the long-hour-waiting medicine collection, hoping that she will get over her fears. Hopefully, she will become better and my father in law will feel more release and happier. To me, family is very important. I have heard and seen some real life stories of many working so hard for the family yet at the end problem surface, not in monetary matter but MENTAL and STRESS. Is life in Singapore getting harder to cope with? Or the ppl are not able to cope with it? Or the life limits our thinking to work only?
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