Outing with China, Jennifer, Cat & Shi Hui @ Clarke Quay

Last Saturday I went out with my ex-colleagues after attending a talk at SMU. I was the first to reach Clarke Quay followed by China. (Yeah, China is her name)

I was so happy to see her, a bubbly daring young lady. We chatted and walked along Central, and finally Shi Hui arrived with her sexy mini skirts with high heels, the always sexy lady. A while later, the next girl to appear is Jennifer ("ladies, it's coming"). She look prettier. So, where's Cat? She just woke up. While waiting for her, we adjourned to Hooters for some snack as our Jennifer didn't have her dinner. We talked, we laughed. Throughout the dinning, we were served by a lady which we hardly could understand what she said. It took a longer time for us to understand. ("Chu Chan").

Ta da, finally our sleepy head Catherine was there. We got the Hooters girl to take photos for us. After a while, we proceed to a not so crowded pub (I don't remember the name). There, we continue our chatting and of course, photo taking. Here, some of the work.
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