Slow down

My perspective in life has changed a little. "Don't wait, just do it before it's too late".

I have decided to cut down my working volume. At first, I thought of to stop working for the year but this won't work on me. For the past 1 1/2 months, resting at home really drove me crazy. I really salute 'housewives". A task of a housewife (wife + mother) to me, is a tough job. What's more if a working woman needs to juggle her work and family. Wow, give them a thumb up!

Come back to my story, well I decided to work 3 days out of a week. I will see how things progress. But I already feel so tired after a day of working. Remember? I had difficulty to fall asleep and sleep through the night? Oh, now it's a different story. Last night, after reading "Stop Prediabetes Now", I went to sleep, a sleep that was deep and through the night. This morning the alarm (not handphone alarm, it's the alarm clock that make sharp "ring! ring! sound) rang aloud but I still could continue my sleep. I wanted to switch of the alarm which is just near me but it seems that my hand couldn't move towards it.

Finally, the alarm stopped. Because my husband helped me to switch it off. Huh? See, if he didn't switch it off I think I would continue my sleeping with the alarm still ringing me to wake up! wake up!

I am suppose to prepare to go to work, but the problem is I feel fuzzy and giddy. Feel so low of concentration. Don't have the energy to walk. Damn!

At times, I think that why all this happen to me? When I finally found a job that I feel is my cup of tea and I started to picking up...and suddenly it all went down.....down....
How I wish it didn't happen and if it didn't happen, my career still continue a steady pace and get even faster. WHY?! At that time, I started to get the feel of climbing up the stairs and reaching my destination. But why did it happen to stop it? Why is it always this way?

Maybe there are people think that I am not strong, a weak person. It's easier to say than to do. I know I am not going to deteriorate myself. What I need is some times and gradually. Please allow some space for me to grow. Let me alone. I will not all these beat me down. Don't worry. I want to do it now rather later!
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