What a weak me

It's almost a month since my miscarriage. Much better emotionally yet my health still need some times to be more stable. I have been feeling so giddy these few days that it affects me to do my stuff. I wanted to start work yesterday yet my condition does not allow. Staying at home most of the times is so boring. Watch TV? Reading? Sleeping? These were the at-home activities I have been doing 'cause I have only limited things to do due to my weak concentration. Many told me that I was weak but I did not believe them until this incident. I am diagnosed to have "Glucose Intolerance" which is also known as "Pre-diabetes", no wonder that I feel tired easily. But hey, I am not at my 40s or 50s or not even 30s. I am only 27 years old and I have to start a strict no-sugar diet. I knew I will have diabetes but did not expect it will happen so early.
It all happened without warning.
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