BBQ @ East Coast

Last Friday, Rendy, my sisters, my niece & I held a BBQ gathering at East Coast. Rendy invited his friend, Clive to come along too. It was just a small gathering.

Actually we wanted to hold it on Saturday but too bad it was fully booked. Since I am not working, I suggested we hold it on Friday and I could prepare food. So, there were chicken wings, hot dogs, Taiwanese sausages, fish, prawns, tomatoes, man tou, lamb chop and my younger sister helped to fry bee hoon.

After my sisters and Rendy knock off, we all proceeded to East Coast. When we reached there, I felt a sense of freedom. My sisters enjoyed the breeze from the sea and of course, the sound of wave. The horizon of the sea was beautiful, there were many big ships that night.

Setting up fire? Of course the guys did it, Rendy & Clive. With the help of fire starter, they managed to set up the fire in minutes, bravo!

We all took turn to grill the food and everyone enjoyed it.

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