Can men live without sex or perhaps, masturbation?

I wonder what will happen if a man's life without sex or masturbation. It doesn't matter you are homo or straight.
Guys, can you imagine your lives without them? What will you become?
I ever read an article saying men think about sex everyday. But won't you get sick of thinking it everyday?
Men always say that women are hard to understand. Vice versus, my curiousness lay on men. Why are guys born to think of sex?

In this materialistic world, there are women whom willing to have sex in return to gain in monetary term. And as for guys, they are willing to pay for sex. Eg. some ladies find it o.k to have sex with men as long as they provide them luxury like vacations, expensive handbags and bla bla bla....
And some guys are so willing to pay that few hundreds or even thousands to just sleep with ladies.

Back to the question, can men live without sex or masturbation? What do you have to say?

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