Kara-ok with Shi Hui

Shi Hui was on leave yesterday and I met her for Kara-ok.
Probably it was so long that we haven't seen each other, when we were there most of our time spent talking instead of singing.So many stuff to catch up with.

One quite eerie thing happened which Shi Hui told me it was when she was using the toilet, she heard water dripping and someone pulling toilet paper from the next cubicle and she thought somebody must be there. But when she came out from her own cubicle, she found nobody else in the toilet!!!
Eerie right? It's still hungry ghost month man!

After the k-session, we went to have dinner while still continue with our talking as we have so much to talk about. I believe with Hui's perseverance, the future is there waiting for her. Keep it up! You have found a place to land on and bloom.
No fear, be confident. Seize the opportunity.

As for me, once I have the good news I will 'signal" you, ok? Hahahaha!!!

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