Kelly, the strong woman.

Kelly is one of my good friends. She is my ex-colleague from China Insurance (S) Pte Ltd, when I was there she took good care of me. Even now, she cares for me too.
Ever since I stop working, I stay at home most of the time. Reason being? I have no time, I have to get pregnant before it's too late. My gynae advised me to get conceive ASAP.
But I was in a dilemma. To work or to stop? To continue or to rest to have child? There are people who don't understand it. They might think that why not do the both at the same time? Do you really need to quit? You don't understand if you were not in the situation. So, don't do assumption and judge. I hate it.
Finally, I couldn't hold it and I told my friend, Kelly. Her words really made me to have a clearer picture what I should do and more confirm with what I should do.

I want to post the messages she sent to me to remind myself, simple yet powerful to a person was in dilemma like me.

"Since Rendy is so supportive.... You guys can tight over this period. Worrying here and there will bring you to nowhere....that's even worse".
"Once you have made up your decision, just do it. Go forward no matter what the outcome is. Tell yourself don't look back. Don't regret. Everything will be over soon. You can make it if you have a will."
"Even the whole world deny you also never mind, don't bother what others think and said. Just believe in yourself."
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