Lunch with Stella, night movie with Rendy

Today, I met Stella for lunch at Hans. We both ordered beef, hers was beef steak and mine was beef noodle. After the lunch, I went to Body Shop (I am a supporter of Body Shop) at PS to buy a concealer, as my pimple scars on my face need to be covered.
After that I went home and took a nap.
Then in the evening, I met up with Rendy at Marina Square to watch "Meet Dave" stars Eddie Murphy. It's just a simple funny relaxing movie. When the movie ended, we proceeded to have our dinner and went home.
When on the way home, my husband told me that these few weeks he found that I've changed. I have became one who is more considerate and calmed down. In fact, I myself feel that I have became more peaceful and understanding. Most importantly, peace and harmony. Now I realize what's the meaning of "thing happens with a reason". If the incident never happened, I would had been still being childish and impulsive. As Chinese has a saying, if you never lose how do you gain?
Taken at our study room.

Me, typing my blog.
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  1. Yellappa Says:

    Nice collections lah...... so soothing for the heart and brain. Keep adding more ...