Shi Hui, a petite young lady with strong heart.

Shi Hui, a lady who is 2 years younger than me. But I bet I am not any stronger than her.
2 years ago her mother passed away and she misses her mother a lot. She does not show her sadness easily as she does not want others to worry about her.
I only seen her crying a few times when there are no others around. I bet she cries alone at night. If I were her, I would have collapsed. Nothing beats losing a mother. My miscarriage and pre-diabetes condition are nothing. Dilemma to work or to stop is nothing too compare to losing a mother.
I have wanted to tell her that she is a very strong young lady. A strong one.

Last Tuesday night, I mentioned to her my fear of not working and staying at home.
She talked to me and I felt much better after that. Thank you, Shi Hui.
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