Been TTC

Every month is a disappointing one. I had a miscarriage in June and been trying since then.Yet, still no good news.

This month, I thought I was pregnant that my period was delayed more than 2 weeks. But test was done 4 times yet they showed negative. I went to see gynae last week and she could see my uterus was thickening to 2cm, by right I should have my menses at 1.5cm thick of my uterus. Doc couldn't see anything except the thinkening uterus. I was telling myself, perhaps the fetus was too small to be seen and my hCG level was too low to be detected.

I read some comments put by experienced mothers, there are possibilities that even those tests come out to be negative, couldn't see fetus in the uterus but at the end they found out that they're 3 month pregnant. So, I was telling myself not to give up and to believe that miracle happens.

Finally, early this week to my disappointment, i see blood-I am having menses. Why? Why must I go through the disappoinment every month?
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  1. DreamReaper Says:

    Don't give up. Having a baby is what we really really really want.