JB shopping trip with Hui

My! It's been ages I haven't stepped into JB for shopping until today, finally a satisfying fun trip with Hui.
With only S$100, I managed to enjoy myself with shopping and a "sinful" lunch with Hui.
Why is it called "sinful" lunch? Because the 2 of us went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered rice, soup, sweet & sour pork, pig's trotter vinegar, fu yong egg and sa po tofu, oh not to forget, rojak. Altogether 6 dishes excluding rice. That was enough for 4 persons meal man! But we were too greedy, I ordered the pig's trotter vinegar and Hui ordered the egg despite that we already have those others in list. Syok! is the word that I can describe. After having our stomachs fulled with food, we proceeded our shopping-thon.
The fruit of my whole day hunting, I finally got myself a bag, a pair of shoes (which I like the most), 2 cardigans, a shorts and a cute T-shirt. As for Hui, her fruit is much bigger! Ha!
Hope she enjoyed the trip much especially with me! Be happy Hui!
Thank you for being an understanding nice friend to me and let's make our paths a smoother one, a brighter one!
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  1. DreamReaper Says:

    Great buy! Where are you going to post it up?