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On the previous post, I mentioned on Body Shop mineral make-up.
This time, I am going to recommend their body shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and some other products.

First about body shower gel, don't be fooled by the small bottle it's gonna last you for quite a longer period. Because of the THICK essence from the natural ingredients. I especially like Satsuma, the fragrant is very refreshing and soothing. Not only body smells good, the shower room surely also has the fragrant after bath. (Ha, it's like 2-way effect, fragrance in your body and your bathroom).
Olive-oil shower gel is also one of my favorites. Many might not like Olive-Oil because of the strong smell but let's not worry, this ain't gonna make you sick. It's gonna make you feel good or even sexy (there's this fragrant in it that actually make me feel sexy, perhaps maybe it applies to me only?) Try it and you'll know.

Shampoo and conditioner. For best result, use the both! It's always the fragrance that attract me to buy a shampoo/conditioner or body gel.
As my hair is dyed, I use Bilberry Colour Protect Shampoo and Bilberry Colour Protect Conditioner. After washing, I can always smell the fragrant coming from my hair. Sometimes if I forgot to apply body perfume, scare not, I still have my fragrant hair!!! Ha ha ha!! Fresh and light, ready to go.
Oh!!! I am not going to miss this, it's really great-Grapeseed Glossing Serum.
The fragrant is so sweet that I feel like I was in a big beautiful garden and smell the nature. What is this? It actually helps to moisture your hair and add shines. It's for dry or frizzy hair. I used to have wavy curled hair, when I apply this I can see my hair was less frizzy and it's light on my hair, not like other products.
I recommended it to my 2 friends and my sister, apparently they find it not bad. Never try, never know.

I chose Mint Lip Care Stick Stop Violence In The Home. Because they are involved in some campaigns, one of them is Defend Human Rights-Stop violence in the home. All the profits from every Lip Care Stick bought will go directly towards helping children affected by domestic violence. So, go to Body Shop and pick one to support the campaign, at least. There are other campaigns too.
Body Shop is socially and environmentally responsible company. Go to their shops and explore!
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