Podcamp Singapore, 1 Nov 08@SMU

Thanks to my husband who encouraged me to attend this informative session with great speakers, especially Mr.Melvin Yuan (Truly Social) and Mr.Coleman Yee,(choosing the right medium, Blog/Audio/YouTube?)
There are 2 topics I would like to touch on.
First, choosing the right medium, Blog/Audio/Video?
Let me ask, why do people blog? In our grandfather's era, nobody blog cox they do not have the platform for them to share information with others largely, what they did was like sitting at the kopitiam and start talking about life, politics, business strategies and bla bla bla...
Now, we're fortunate to share what we know with people across the world. So, we blog because we want to SHARE what we know or things happening around us.
Personally I think, to choose the right medium is primarily depend on the content or the message you want to convey. Text is kind of like "one size fits all" or just say it "one medium fits all".Eg. conveying a message "Save our earth", you can do it in text alone with some photos attached. To make it more effective, you can choose to audio it or video it. If audio, come out with a slogan easy for people to remember, fast and quick. If video, show a video of what will the earth like if we don't start protecting it.
In conclusion, text is "one medium fits all", audio is "story-telling" without the need to see/watch it, and lastly video, "a stage for performance" an entertaining and precise one.

Now, talking about virtual world or 2nd life.
Many (including myself) probably think that people who have a second life doesn't have a good 1st life.
Well, everybody today can have a virtual world. You want it? Create it!
I can say there are 2 groups of people to have a 2nd life. First one is for those who just purely want to enjoy building empires and "interact" with new people but still in real life they meet friends for gathering and chat face to face. The 2nd group of people are those who are "addicted" to it and spend most of their time creating and live in 2nd world. I mentioned "most of their time", perhaps they would prefer spend time on 2nd world than to socialize in real life.
Personally, I don't see benefits of having a virtual life. It creates a life in one's mind actually. It's like the mind is a projector and virtual life is the screen/stage to play your imagination.
Why not spend the time on how to improve your real life rather than living in imagination?
Do it moderately not addict to it.
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  1. DreamReaper Says:

    Hi gal, great write up. Some thoughts. Firstly, I have always couraged self-growth. At some point in life, a blogger has to evolve into all the three medias; text, audio and video to get their desired message across the WWW.

    As for second life, I kinda agree with you. But it is a space where people can escape once in awhile. But by creating a metaverse, it is going to create more harm than good. The space is infinite, a place where evil will linger and strive.