Some small beauty tips

Let me share some of beauty tips that I've tested.
Firstly, how to efficiently apply conditioner on your hair. Remember to comb your hair before washing it, this will untangle your hair and make it easier to wash.
I normally will wash my hair before my body and after that I apply conditioner to my hair and proceed to wash body.
When apply conditioner, separate your hair into two parts first,

pour accurate amount of conditioner on your palm and rub them onto your hair. After that,massage the first part of your hair, gently massage and rub your hair with up and down motion (as our hair have scales, this motion would make it easier to absorb the conditioner). Please do the same to the other part. Before washing your body, remember to put on a shower cap in order to let the conditioner "trap" into your hair for better absorbability.
Remember to rinse your hair(after washing your body).
Now, your hair is going to feel as soft as silk. Happy trying.
*The above tested tip is base on my personal encounter, if you have doubt please do not try it. Try at your own risk.
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  1. DreamReaper Says:

    I didn't know you are so knowledgeable. Do share more with us.