Andrew, my friend and my loyal reader.

Introducing my long time friend, Andrew. I knew him even before I got married, it's about 7 years now I think. I used to work in an insurance company and my job needed to liaise with him, so from there we became friends with some other colleagues.
He is one bubbly guy who is fun to be with. If you knew him, he doesn't wear black often and that's one of the reasons that makes me feel he is a sunshine bubbly friend (see the pic). Besides, he is an optimistic person whom sometimes I get advice from him on some matters.
One of his hobbies is riding MOTORBIKE! Yeah, he's a biker!
He loves food as well, I bet he knows which corners of Singapore offer good food. He's a live food directory. Ha ha ha!
Oh yeah, he sings very well too. I once heard him singing Wu Bai's song. Very good.
By the way, he is also my loyal reader on my blog. Thank you!
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