Vanna, my long time good friend from Sabah.

Many thought that she is arrogant and cold because they don't know her yet. Her name, Vanna or as I used to call her "林玉慧" (even until now I still call her with her surname, ha). We knew each other since Form 1 but we got closer only 2 years after that.
I remember she used to have very very long hair, waist-length and oh yeah, she has natural curly hair. During school time, one of the topics we and some other gangs like to talk about was FOOD. It was when I knew her that food became one of my topics to talk about. Ha ha ha, quite funny.
Well, let's see how come she is one of my good friends (am quite a choosy person when come to mix with friends). We shared many common things like our favourite colours, our favourite singers and so on (those things that teenagers normally would do). Furthermore, she is not an arrogant person, which is a very important quality of a friend of mine.
She is the youngest in the family and that is why sometimes her character is kind of hard. She gets what she wants most of the time and I can see her family dotes on her a lot. She is someone with character and that makes her beautiful. She is good in her Chinese, sometimes I have to ask for explanation on the Chinese proverbs she said and I learned from her too.
If you mix with her long enough, you will be able to discover that she gains popularity very fast especially among girl friends. It's just comfortable listening her talking.

Dedicating this song, 戒情人 to you, Fui.
我还记得你在我们读书的时候,你说这首歌好听。 我们来一起怀旧吧。

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