Feel loved and peace...

I didn't know that life can be so simple yet happy. I can say, this is the simplest life of mine and it's the happiest of mine so far.
I am glad to have a husband who has been so generous in pouring his love towards me. Yes, things happen for reasons. Only now I realized that life isn't just about pursuing, the NOW is that we need to live in.

I used to ask my husband so many times that if I were his burden (as I am not working), in fact he finds he is happier now as we are managing our life well so far. He could focus more on his projects and I could help him in some areas. I don't just stay at home and doing nothing, I can't bear myself for not contributing, that's my character.

I may not been traveling to many places, I may not be staying in a big house, I may not be having many luxurious stuff, I may not be having a good career but one thing for sure now is, my husband's love has given me the happiness that I realized it's the one I have been looking for. Life will be more interesting because I believe and not giving up.

Life is getting better with us, having a harmony life. I don't want to think too much about the future. Think of now and do what I need to do. Live now but not in future and play your own role well. Life's beautiful with love and peace and especially when people around you are happy!
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