Finally, he has SOME time for me

Last night, 1 Dec 2008 Monday, my husband finally has some time for me which he had been busy working for almost 3 weeks.
We went for a show called "4 Christmases" starring Reese Witherspoon (winner of Oscar Best Actress in 2006) & Vince Vaughn (Jennifer Aniston's ex bf), it was a relaxing fun comedy, I didn't feel bored with it at all (which initially I thought I would end up in a stage of "cheh, it's just another boring comedy"). After the show, we had our dinner at Xin Wang (Hong Kong style cafe).
But my husband was kind of busy replying his email. Nowadays, he brings along his Lenovo for his convenience- to work everywhere and that left me doing nothing but wait for food QUIETLY.
Well, that's ok, at least we'd spent some time outside.

My husband ordered Dou Hua (beancurd) and pork chop papaya soup with bee hoon and I ordered pork ribs rice for myself.
Actually the Dou Hua was a portion for about 3 persons but we managed to finished it. How? We was at the cafe for about 2 hours, there Rendy did some of his work and then we surfed net together, so for the time we spent on the laptop, we didn't forget to have our Dou Hua, bit by bit and ended up our stomach digesting the food while we walked to bus stop and took bus no.10 home.

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