Happy and satisfying Christmas lunch with sisters and friends.

It was a satisfying fun Christmas lunch with my husband, sisters and their friends. Early in the morning, we, the 3 ladies were busy preparing food in the kitchen. We prepared pork chops, salads, chickens rolled with bacon, vegetables, mash potatoes, Italian sausages, grilled chicken. Although it was quite tiring, we found satisfaction seeing everybody enjoyed themselves.
About the setting of the table, I put a bunch of red Roses accompanied small white Daisies and I lit 4 candles consisting 2 long ones and 2 small ones. As for the ambiance, light was dimmed, air-conditioner was on and not to forget soothing music. Ooooo...I really like the feeling!!!!
We started our lunch with everybody holding their wine glasses and CHEERS, Merry Xmas!!!

After the lunch, we all went to play pool.

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