Well, finally a thought for the foreign workers.

Finally a news about foreign workers' living condition, to let us know how some inhuman employers are treating their workers.
Good thing now is, fine will be imposed on employers who provide unsafe and unhealthy dormitories for foreign workers.
If you've watched the news last night, where it shows the conditions of the living environment you'll probably think they are not for human or not even for our pets.
Why are there some inhuman employers out there? Can you spare some thought for them? These workers come from so far leaving their family behind just to find a decent job that can help to sustain their family back in hometown.
Please spare some thoughts for these workers especially from India and Bangladesh, they are the ones who do the works that almost none of a Singaporean would do.
From washing floor of our blocks (where we stay comfortably), collecting garbage, cutting tree trunks which they need to climb for a height of about 2-storey (there are few incidents that workers fell down and died) to doing dangerous construction works.

How many Singaporean would do these jobs?

These foreign workers not only do rough jobs and staying in bad condition dormitories, they are sometimes treated as "aliens". There are people looking down on them, thinking that they are dirty, bad and bla bla bla... In another words, they are treated as "discriminated status".
If you were one of them, how would you feel?
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    thanks for the info...