Yeah, the bracelets are finally here. "PAY IT FORWARD"

Welcome to Singapore! The "PAY IT FORWARD" bracelets are here finally which my husband has been waiting for so many weeks.
My husband was so excited that he wore it on the very day. As for me, I am wearing it since last week.
Have you heard of "PAY IT FORWARD"? Just click on the link and find out more.
As the name says pay it forward, this is actually a movement which encourages us to spread the kindness to others instead of to get repaid. What is that? Well, let me give you an example.
Should one day when you help a person and he wants to repay you by offering his help to you, instead of accepting the help, pass him the bracelet and tell him: "I don't need you to repay me, just pay it forward to other person who needs help and should the person you've helped offer to repay you, just pass him the bracelet and tell him the same as what I am telling you." So, this will continue to the next person and so on.
Now, can you picture it? It's actually spreading help to others rather than only you and me. Isn't this a great idea of making a better world to live in?
The satisfaction of helping people is indescribable which money can't buy. Take action now and you'll know how it feels.
Buzz me if you want to have the bracelet. (In fact, without the bracelet we still can do good to others but with the bracelet it makes you to pass on to others effectively). Why not? It won't cost you a thing. Let's PAY IT FORWARD today!
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