Recipe of healthy clear soup-Spinach soup with shredded chicken meat.

Sharing with you one of my husband's favourite soup recipes.
If you like vegetable and something light, you may like this.

Spinach (rich source of iron and calcium)
chicken bones
chicken breast meat
soya sauce

First of all, do all the necessary cleaning on spinach, chicken bones, breast meat and garlic.
1. Heat up a pot of water and drop some garlic in it.
2. When the water is boiling, put in the chicken bones
3. Wait for few minutes and next put in the whole breast meat into the pot.
4. Approximately after 3-4 minutes(depends on the size of the breast meat), take out the meat and put in a bowl. (Don't let the whole breast meat simmer too long in the soup as over cook it will spoil the texture).
5. When the breast meat is a little colder, use your hands and tear the breast meat into shredded meat (while the soup is still boiling).
6. Let the soup simmer for about half an hour to let out the aroma of garlic and bone.
7. This time, you can put in the spinach and let it boil (depends on how you want your vege to be done, if you prefer soft and smooth texture, let them boil for a longer time).
8. Next, put in the shredded chicken (make sure the shredded meat is cooked this time before serving).
9. As for the egg, roughly beat the egg and then put in the egg into the boiling soup using a tablespoon (or a chinese tablespoon), spoon by spoon.
11. After a while, the soup is ready to be served.
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  1. Louis Says:

    Thanks for sharing, I'm envious of your husband.

  2. Hee...thank you for commenting. :P

  3. Mamorukun Says:

    try turn off the fire then put the eggs haha maybe better^^??

  4. Yeah, good idea too. Ha ha ha thanks.