What are you looking foward to in life? Are you pursuing in life or are you living your life?

What is it in life that you expect? What is it in life that you are pursuing? Many people nowadays are educated to study more in order to get better jobs. Many define success as having an empire where one owns big house, luxurious car, good career and more money. Is this your cup of tea?
As for me, a married simple lady does not want to be limited or restricted with the definition because luxury in material is not I aim for. If you knew me, I have been wanting HAPPINESS, to me happiness means everything. And thankfully I found part of the happiness.
Next thing I want to do is, to find my permanent happiness-BLISS. I am fine with staying in a normal house as long as it is contented with lovely and happy people. In another words, living in a sweet happy family. I ever dreamed of staying in a wooden cottage near a waterfall where only my family and I stay together far from the city life. A place so near to nature where green green forest within touch and surrounded with fresh air so fresh that you feel the cool breeze.
I am glad that I found Ananda Marga yoga society (ananda marga=path of bliss) and currently attending their certificate and diploma course. Here, I finally found a path to lead me to a more peaceful life and hopefully I am getting nearer it. During my entry-interview with one of the acaryas, I mentioned that I want to lead a life that is happy, a happiness that will last. Career & power are not what I want because I realized they don't bring happiness to me.
So, what about you? What are you pursuing in life? Do you agree with me, journey of a life matters the most rather than the destination?
2 Responses
  1. MySirAylon Says:

    I agree with your statements my friend, but should I add that as for me "happiness" is both a a journey as well as a destination in life...

  2. Thank you for responding. Well, different people will have different definition of success and happiness. As long as you're happy with life, by all means. We are the master of our lives, you decide how to lead your life. Don't get too restricted of what is defined by others as long as we play our own roll well. Do you agree?