Doing Yoga at home

These photos are taken during I practised some of the Asanas (Yoga) at home.
Asanas are not allowed to perform during menstruation and some are not to practise during pregnancy.
Bhujaungasana (Cobra posture)-good for spine, cures constipation, beautifies the upper body, alleviate menstrual disorders, improve flexibility of the nerves & reduce stress and stiffness in the ligaments.

Diirgapranam (Long salutation)-beneficial for women especially curing in relation to menstruation problems, relieves constipation, lose excess weight, improves blood circulation in the body.

Padahastana -energizes the body, stimulate entire nervous system, keeps spine flexible and youthful, stimulate blood circulation.

Deliciously Cakes!

I am on Twitter

I am on Twitter and my user name is daisyapril12.
Am expanding my network there and would be keen to follow some inspirational people out there. In the account, am currently following Oprah, yeah Oprah Winfrey.
Have you got a Twitter? How it creates convenience to you?

Have you a Twitter account? If not, sign up then @
Add people to follow, why not including me?

Happy Twitting!

The Carpenters-their songs are SUPERB!

I like their songs especially Close To You, Rainy Days Mondays, Yesterday Once More, Stop Mr. Postman, Touch Me When We're many more!


In touch with the nature-Cycling and Kent Ridge Park walk