My trip in Sweden was fantastic

11 July 2009 - 25 July 2009 Sweden Trip + Yoga Conference.

It was a wonderful experience especially in Ydrefors. It's my dream come true place, Adventure of Tom Sawyer. Vibration was so good and so relaxing.
I led a simple and peaceful life there. So beautiful.

Introducing Eumora, a miracle facial bar.

I have started using this mud facial bar one month ago and wonder is happening to my face.
My pores are closing up, less oily and the complexion is brighter with shine, reduced eye bags and many more wonders.
I recommend this product, it removes blackheads and white heads!!! It's so easy and simple.
Thinking of getting one? You can call/sms to this no. 82682581.

Lo Que Pudo Ser - Alejandro Fernandez

Sharing some pictures of mine

Some of my pictures taken in a studio in April 2009. I enjoyed the photo shooting session because the people there are FUN to be with.

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! many days have gone ever since I stopped blogging? I have been busy for weeks and months lately and I missed my blog.
Finally, some time here to update you people out there how I am doing. Just recently started work and there are many opportunities out there awaiting for me to take action.
I kind of like to be busy as I gain satisfaction from it. But I don't like the feeling of tiredness. What to do....nothing in this world that both sides are perfect. That's why God created men and women to compliment each other. Ha!
How's everybody out there? Getting busy? Has life improved? Getting worse? Or just the same? Whatever it is, don't give up on what you believe in. At the end it will be ok. Just enjoy the process of life...


Kawaii Tokyo Brighten-Up Gel

After weeks of using Kawaii Tokyo Brighten-up gel (Citrus), my face skin tone has became lighter and brighter and my pores got smaller too.
I am a lazy person when come to skin care but I find this gel suits me a lot because after washing the face I can just apply the gel without using any toner yet the effect is still good.
I would like to recommend to ladies out there, if you don't want to have a dull complexion, try this and see if you'll benefit from it. Dare to take pictures even without make up on your faces.
Good luck.
I bought at a discounted price of $53 from Watsons (U.P $68). This product is also available at Sasa.

Shabu Shabu on his birthday

We went to a Japanese restaurant, Akashabu for Shabu Shabu to celebrate his birthday. The soup was delicious!
Simple yet satisfying.

No scientific proofs don't mean they don't exist.

Many don't believe in supernatural and even sixth sense as most consider it as COINCIDENCE.
People will only be convinced of the existence of certain things when only there are SCIENTIFIC proofs.
Well, in my point of view certain things are not explainable. Certain things need not to have scientific explanation to say they do exist.
What do you think?

Doing Yoga at home

These photos are taken during I practised some of the Asanas (Yoga) at home.
Asanas are not allowed to perform during menstruation and some are not to practise during pregnancy.
Bhujaungasana (Cobra posture)-good for spine, cures constipation, beautifies the upper body, alleviate menstrual disorders, improve flexibility of the nerves & reduce stress and stiffness in the ligaments.

Diirgapranam (Long salutation)-beneficial for women especially curing in relation to menstruation problems, relieves constipation, lose excess weight, improves blood circulation in the body.

Padahastana -energizes the body, stimulate entire nervous system, keeps spine flexible and youthful, stimulate blood circulation.

Deliciously Cakes!

I am on Twitter

I am on Twitter and my user name is daisyapril12.
Am expanding my network there and would be keen to follow some inspirational people out there. In the account, am currently following Oprah, yeah Oprah Winfrey.
Have you got a Twitter? How it creates convenience to you?

Have you a Twitter account? If not, sign up then @
Add people to follow, why not including me?

Happy Twitting!

The Carpenters-their songs are SUPERB!

I like their songs especially Close To You, Rainy Days Mondays, Yesterday Once More, Stop Mr. Postman, Touch Me When We're many more!


In touch with the nature-Cycling and Kent Ridge Park walk

Hai kembali lagu-lagu melayu kegemaranku semasa bangku sekolah.

Amy Mastura-Jawapan Kasih

Amy Mastura-Bintang Hati





What are you looking foward to in life? Are you pursuing in life or are you living your life?

What is it in life that you expect? What is it in life that you are pursuing? Many people nowadays are educated to study more in order to get better jobs. Many define success as having an empire where one owns big house, luxurious car, good career and more money. Is this your cup of tea?
As for me, a married simple lady does not want to be limited or restricted with the definition because luxury in material is not I aim for. If you knew me, I have been wanting HAPPINESS, to me happiness means everything. And thankfully I found part of the happiness.
Next thing I want to do is, to find my permanent happiness-BLISS. I am fine with staying in a normal house as long as it is contented with lovely and happy people. In another words, living in a sweet happy family. I ever dreamed of staying in a wooden cottage near a waterfall where only my family and I stay together far from the city life. A place so near to nature where green green forest within touch and surrounded with fresh air so fresh that you feel the cool breeze.
I am glad that I found Ananda Marga yoga society (ananda marga=path of bliss) and currently attending their certificate and diploma course. Here, I finally found a path to lead me to a more peaceful life and hopefully I am getting nearer it. During my entry-interview with one of the acaryas, I mentioned that I want to lead a life that is happy, a happiness that will last. Career & power are not what I want because I realized they don't bring happiness to me.
So, what about you? What are you pursuing in life? Do you agree with me, journey of a life matters the most rather than the destination?

Recipe of healthy clear soup-Spinach soup with shredded chicken meat.

Sharing with you one of my husband's favourite soup recipes.
If you like vegetable and something light, you may like this.

Spinach (rich source of iron and calcium)
chicken bones
chicken breast meat
soya sauce

First of all, do all the necessary cleaning on spinach, chicken bones, breast meat and garlic.
1. Heat up a pot of water and drop some garlic in it.
2. When the water is boiling, put in the chicken bones
3. Wait for few minutes and next put in the whole breast meat into the pot.
4. Approximately after 3-4 minutes(depends on the size of the breast meat), take out the meat and put in a bowl. (Don't let the whole breast meat simmer too long in the soup as over cook it will spoil the texture).
5. When the breast meat is a little colder, use your hands and tear the breast meat into shredded meat (while the soup is still boiling).
6. Let the soup simmer for about half an hour to let out the aroma of garlic and bone.
7. This time, you can put in the spinach and let it boil (depends on how you want your vege to be done, if you prefer soft and smooth texture, let them boil for a longer time).
8. Next, put in the shredded chicken (make sure the shredded meat is cooked this time before serving).
9. As for the egg, roughly beat the egg and then put in the egg into the boiling soup using a tablespoon (or a chinese tablespoon), spoon by spoon.
11. After a while, the soup is ready to be served.

First day of Yoga class- Yoga History

Last evening was my first day of yoga certificate class, Yoga History. We were taught of the correct way of breathing and some Asana postures such as Shavasana (corpse posture), Yogamudra and Bhujaungasana and we were briefed on the history of Yoga and India (used to be Bharat). Interesting!
Looking forward to the next class tomorrow. Can't wait to explore more.

張震岳+蔡健雅 - 思念是一種病

发现 已经 失去
恍然大悟 早已远去
才肯相信 错的是自己
试著体会 试著忍住眼泪
只是这段时间裡 尤其在夜裡
还是会想起 难忘的事情
不知不觉 无声无息
想想自己 到底做了甚麼蠢事情
只是会想念 过去的一切
那些人事物 会离我远去
Oh 思念是一种病
Oh 思念是一种病 一种病
别让不开心的事 停下了脚步
就怕你不说 就怕你不做
别让遗憾继续 一切都来得及

"Anxiety and Your Heart" by Reid Peterson

Reid Peterson
Who is he? He helps people find and live from inner peace (which I think is very important to many of us nowadays). He coaches and teaches people to remain calm, be present and relaxed during times of stress.


Introducing Lee Hom's "The Sun After Washed by Spring Rain". Must listen else you gonna miss the best song in this season.
My husband has just bought his latest album,心.跳. He likes Lee Hom, most of his collections are this talented singers' albums.

爱在夏天过完之后 锁在秋天
捱过冬天之后的我 好了一些 嘿
雨后的天上 彩虹出现 衬出一片蓝天
每个冬季带的失落 伤得多深
然后忽然看懂云的形状(Oh Yeah)
If you listen to the rhythm of the pouring rain
每个冬季带的失落 伤得多深
每个呼吸都是新的芬芳(Oh Yeah)*

爱在夏天过完之后 锁在秋天
但捱过冬天之后的我 好了一些 嘿
雨后的天上 彩虹出现 衬出一片蓝天 *~*

流下的眼泪 留下了智慧
爱情会天亮 也一定会黑
世界会等我 它问我冬天过去没
那是春雨里洗过的太阳 (春雨你的太阳)

Feel good with my short hair!

Wow! So good, so relax! After so many years of long hair, I finally had my hair cut on the 31st Dec 2008, welcoming 2009 with my new look.
Many prefer my look in long hair (which I thought the same) but I still love having this short hair cut, I feel so good, feel so light. It's so easy to manage. So fresh!

1 Jan 2009 night outing with the ladies @ IndoChine Wisma

New Year Countdown!