Kelakar P. Ramlee

Masih dalam ingatan, betapa lucunya wayang P. Ramlee...


Pendekar Bujang Lapok (Hantu Jepun)

Pendekar Bujang Lapok (Ish..ish...ish...hujan...angkat kain jemuran...hujan..)

My point of view of life and work

I have been spending most of my time working BLINDLY and after years of working, I started complaining why most our lives must be spent on WORKING? It will be different story if I were working as in building my OWN empire but I wasn't. I was working for PEOPLE, in another words as an employee.

In Singapore, it is so common to see people work for companies days after days, months after months, years after years. What do they get at the end? Retirement? (Which is barely not enough in future as the populations now are outliving their sources).
Furthermore, do you think you can survive till retirement? Don't forget RECESSION which means retrenchment. Nothing is guaranteed in future.

Are you happy with what you are doing? Why spend so much miserable time on life where we only live once? young once? Not unless if you're happy with what you are doing now, by all means.
But if you were like me, used to working BLINDLY? It's time to ...

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2008, a year which Hong Kong big stars got married.

Carina Lau and Tony Leung, 21 July 2008

Kelly Chan and Alex Lau, 2 October 2008

Michelle Reis and Julian Hui, 23 November 2008

Vanna, my long time good friend from Sabah.

Many thought that she is arrogant and cold because they don't know her yet. Her name, Vanna or as I used to call her "林玉慧" (even until now I still call her with her surname, ha). We knew each other since Form 1 but we got closer only 2 years after that.
I remember she used to have very very long hair, waist-length and oh yeah, she has natural curly hair. During school time, one of the topics we and some other gangs like to talk about was FOOD. It was when I knew her that food became one of my topics to talk about. Ha ha ha, quite funny.
Well, let's see how come she is one of my good friends (am quite a choosy person when come to mix with friends). We shared many common things like our favourite colours, our favourite singers and so on (those things that teenagers normally would do). Furthermore, she is not an arrogant person, which is a very important quality of a friend of mine.
She is the youngest in the family and that is why sometimes her character is kind of hard. She gets what she wants most of the time and I can see her family dotes on her a lot. She is someone with character and that makes her beautiful. She is good in her Chinese, sometimes I have to ask for explanation on the Chinese proverbs she said and I learned from her too.
If you mix with her long enough, you will be able to discover that she gains popularity very fast especially among girl friends. It's just comfortable listening her talking.

Dedicating this song, 戒情人 to you, Fui.
我还记得你在我们读书的时候,你说这首歌好听。 我们来一起怀旧吧。

To have kids? Not a prob!

As you can see my profile reflected on the left side of this blog, I WAS eager to bear children but now I AM more or less having the thought of "it's ok not to have kids" because I am happy with what I have now. It might be a blessing to not having kids or maybe to have them? I take both situation as a WIN-WIN condition.
Most importantly, I am leading a happy simple life with my husband, whom has been so caring and loving (although the future is not guaranteed at least I am showered with love and leading life happily for the time being, SEIZE THE MOMENT).
But one thing is I feel a little guilty towards my parents-in-law because they must have been longing to be grandparents whom they have been very very nice to me. They never give me pressure to have children soon, especially my father in law is extremely understanding. He cares for my health more than to rush me to have kids.I regard them as my 2nd parents and I am so thankful and blessed for God has given me very understanding parents-in-law.
As for my mom, she is always the best ever, as long as we are happy, she is fine with whatever decision we make. I always seek advice from her whenever I face problems. I really learn a lot from her.
Nowadays, I get happy many times compare to last time when I hadn't realize my LIFE. For example, I just felt happy this afternoon having lunch with my husband, a simple lunch in a quiet windy afternoon. So simple yet indescribable feeling.
Have you ever felt so happy that you feel you're floating? How frequent?

楊千嬅 - 我的醉愛

日日夜就算心灰 萬大事任我乾杯
絕未大醉 清楚哭聲幾多分貝
手機那號碼 倒轉也識去背

怎麼身體只是看著你 已不穩
離著你六呎遠 嘴巴已覺被吻

*酒飲下去 單戀的藥水
 能令我面孔有趣 少了十歲
 原來雙肩 從來空虛
 心窩想邀請 你定居

 酒飲下去 相戀的藥水
 為何平日我是千杯不醉 今天自醉
 情人身軀 朦朧之中你又是誰

伸出雙手想像抱著你 了不起
然後閉著兩眼 輕輕去叫喚你


Happy and satisfying Christmas lunch with sisters and friends.

It was a satisfying fun Christmas lunch with my husband, sisters and their friends. Early in the morning, we, the 3 ladies were busy preparing food in the kitchen. We prepared pork chops, salads, chickens rolled with bacon, vegetables, mash potatoes, Italian sausages, grilled chicken. Although it was quite tiring, we found satisfaction seeing everybody enjoyed themselves.
About the setting of the table, I put a bunch of red Roses accompanied small white Daisies and I lit 4 candles consisting 2 long ones and 2 small ones. As for the ambiance, light was dimmed, air-conditioner was on and not to forget soothing music. Ooooo...I really like the feeling!!!!
We started our lunch with everybody holding their wine glasses and CHEERS, Merry Xmas!!!

After the lunch, we all went to play pool.

Still learning photoshop...

The best ever child actor- Shirley Temple

She is the first and last child actor that I love the most, Shirley Temple. I watched some of her shows during school time and since then I kept thinking about her, how lovely she was.
She acted very very well and I still don't see anyone can replace her.
Shirley Temple, the one and only best child actor ever. The cutest ever!!!

Global econonmy is sinking into "severe' stage in 2009.

Economy is bad this year and expected to worsen next year.

As stated in Yahoo News: "Charles Dallara, managing director of the Institute of International Finance (IIF) - which represents more than 375 of the world's major banks and financial institutions -- called it "the most severe, globally synchronised recession in modern economic history".

Do miracles happen? But this is mathematics...will miracles make an appearance to help?

East coast cyling trip with Hui on 20 Dec '08

Last Saturday the weather was cooperative towards my trip to cycling with Hui. We have been planning for cycling since last year and finally it happened last Saturday morning at East Coast Park...

We rented 2 bicycles and here we go...

We dropped by at Bedok jetty...

While Hui was busy reading and replying her messages...

She then realized there was a spider web with a spider above on a tree and that really scared her (sorry, didn't manage to take a picture of her frightened look!) Let me describe how she looked like: Her both hands were holding her arms as we would do when we have goose bumps, her eyes were big and 'extended' upwards, the look of frightened, ha ha ha. As for me? Still staying cool!

After a while, we went to the sea side...

After cycling, we went to have our lunch nearby (again @ at Hong Kong Cafe).
There, I ordered 'Si Mud' milk tea which I find it nice and I recommended Hui to try it. So, I passed the milk tea to her and she drank it through the straw. And then...she said: " 喔,这个很奶! " and quickly I laughed and started to imagine she was squeezing her breast while saying so. Ha ha ha!! (Warning: Only my imagination).

A fun Saturday spent with Hui on a windy sunny day, oooohh...Hui and I started to love the sun. Going to plan for sun tan soon.

五月天 - 你不是真正的快樂

Fish Spa with the ladies, Wendy and Karen.

Today I went for a fish spa with Wendy and Karen at Lim Chu Kang. Fun!

Andrew, my friend and my loyal reader.

Introducing my long time friend, Andrew. I knew him even before I got married, it's about 7 years now I think. I used to work in an insurance company and my job needed to liaise with him, so from there we became friends with some other colleagues.
He is one bubbly guy who is fun to be with. If you knew him, he doesn't wear black often and that's one of the reasons that makes me feel he is a sunshine bubbly friend (see the pic). Besides, he is an optimistic person whom sometimes I get advice from him on some matters.
One of his hobbies is riding MOTORBIKE! Yeah, he's a biker!
He loves food as well, I bet he knows which corners of Singapore offer good food. He's a live food directory. Ha ha ha!
Oh yeah, he sings very well too. I once heard him singing Wu Bai's song. Very good.
By the way, he is also my loyal reader on my blog. Thank you!

Beautiful working women

Today I spent my whole afternoon meeting with my friend. Maybe it has been so long of me being kept in the house, when I came to Raffles City I saw many working women they look pretty, almost every one of them. Some are slim, short, a little fat, tall...all sizes. Wearing their smart office attires with high heels, oooh...I miss going back to work. I just like the look of confident smart women. If I were a guy, I will after ladies who look elegant and confident. No matter she is working or not, always confident.

Yeah, the bracelets are finally here. "PAY IT FORWARD"

Welcome to Singapore! The "PAY IT FORWARD" bracelets are here finally which my husband has been waiting for so many weeks.
My husband was so excited that he wore it on the very day. As for me, I am wearing it since last week.
Have you heard of "PAY IT FORWARD"? Just click on the link and find out more.
As the name says pay it forward, this is actually a movement which encourages us to spread the kindness to others instead of to get repaid. What is that? Well, let me give you an example.
Should one day when you help a person and he wants to repay you by offering his help to you, instead of accepting the help, pass him the bracelet and tell him: "I don't need you to repay me, just pay it forward to other person who needs help and should the person you've helped offer to repay you, just pass him the bracelet and tell him the same as what I am telling you." So, this will continue to the next person and so on.
Now, can you picture it? It's actually spreading help to others rather than only you and me. Isn't this a great idea of making a better world to live in?
The satisfaction of helping people is indescribable which money can't buy. Take action now and you'll know how it feels.
Buzz me if you want to have the bracelet. (In fact, without the bracelet we still can do good to others but with the bracelet it makes you to pass on to others effectively). Why not? It won't cost you a thing. Let's PAY IT FORWARD today!

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林宥嘉 - 伯樂

Feel loved and peace...

I didn't know that life can be so simple yet happy. I can say, this is the simplest life of mine and it's the happiest of mine so far.
I am glad to have a husband who has been so generous in pouring his love towards me. Yes, things happen for reasons. Only now I realized that life isn't just about pursuing, the NOW is that we need to live in.

I used to ask my husband so many times that if I were his burden (as I am not working), in fact he finds he is happier now as we are managing our life well so far. He could focus more on his projects and I could help him in some areas. I don't just stay at home and doing nothing, I can't bear myself for not contributing, that's my character.

I may not been traveling to many places, I may not be staying in a big house, I may not be having many luxurious stuff, I may not be having a good career but one thing for sure now is, my husband's love has given me the happiness that I realized it's the one I have been looking for. Life will be more interesting because I believe and not giving up.

Life is getting better with us, having a harmony life. I don't want to think too much about the future. Think of now and do what I need to do. Live now but not in future and play your own role well. Life's beautiful with love and peace and especially when people around you are happy!

Went to Batam, Holiday Inn with husband on 12 Dec 08

Today my husband and I just got home from Batam 2D1N trip. The hotel we stayed in was Holiday Inn resort, the service was not as good as with Harris Resort although the facility in Holiday Inn is much more nicer and better.
If you're a service oriented person, do go to Harris for their prompt and friendly services. As for Holiday Inn, the service is not up to my expectation but the facility and scenery are nice which in turn gives a balance in between service and comfortable stay.
Here are some photos taken during our stay...

On our way to Nagoya Hill.

Shopping time!! After shopping, we went for 2 hours massage each. My husband went for aromatherapy massage while I asked for Thai massage at Isabella Massage House, opposite Nagoya shopping mall. The prices were reasonable compare to hotel's. They are Rp150,00 (S$21) and Rp 130,000 (S$18) respectively.
They also provide round trip service like to & from hotel or shopping mall or ferry terminal or airport.

Dinner at Golden Prawn, a wooden house floating on a lake. There, we ordered chili crab, locust prawn, butter prawn, bean sprout, hotplate tofu, lemon chicken and rice. full! The dinner cost us about Rp400,00 or S$58. (A little expensive I think).
(Didn't take pictures of the food, was too engross to the food, ha!)

Back to hotel after a day of shopping, massage and dinner.

Breakfast time! International buffet, as usual.

Taking photos around the hotel after breakfast.

Hours before check out, went back room and rest.

Thai food for lunch at hotel's restaurant. S$15.80nett for a set lunch which consist of main meal, soup and dessert of the day.