JB shopping trip with Hui

My! It's been ages I haven't stepped into JB for shopping until today, finally a satisfying fun trip with Hui.
With only S$100, I managed to enjoy myself with shopping and a "sinful" lunch with Hui.
Why is it called "sinful" lunch? Because the 2 of us went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered rice, soup, sweet & sour pork, pig's trotter vinegar, fu yong egg and sa po tofu, oh not to forget, rojak. Altogether 6 dishes excluding rice. That was enough for 4 persons meal man! But we were too greedy, I ordered the pig's trotter vinegar and Hui ordered the egg despite that we already have those others in list. Syok! is the word that I can describe. After having our stomachs fulled with food, we proceeded our shopping-thon.
The fruit of my whole day hunting, I finally got myself a bag, a pair of shoes (which I like the most), 2 cardigans, a shorts and a cute T-shirt. As for Hui, her fruit is much bigger! Ha!
Hope she enjoyed the trip much especially with me! Be happy Hui!
Thank you for being an understanding nice friend to me and let's make our paths a smoother one, a brighter one!

Finally, my Tawau trip photos!

Exotic dance, your cup of tea? (NCB10-Exotic Dance, An Empowering Experience)

It seems to be an interesting lesson. A dance that tones your muscle and defines your body curves and surely get you to a more confident sexy woman.

Been TTC

Every month is a disappointing one. I had a miscarriage in June and been trying since then.Yet, still no good news.

This month, I thought I was pregnant that my period was delayed more than 2 weeks. But test was done 4 times yet they showed negative. I went to see gynae last week and she could see my uterus was thickening to 2cm, by right I should have my menses at 1.5cm thick of my uterus. Doc couldn't see anything except the thinkening uterus. I was telling myself, perhaps the fetus was too small to be seen and my hCG level was too low to be detected.

I read some comments put by experienced mothers, there are possibilities that even those tests come out to be negative, couldn't see fetus in the uterus but at the end they found out that they're 3 month pregnant. So, I was telling myself not to give up and to believe that miracle happens.

Finally, early this week to my disappointment, i see blood-I am having menses. Why? Why must I go through the disappoinment every month?


该努力的时后,尽量做的最好! 别再等了,别再想了。你可否有着这样的概念 "看
吧,看哪天我会穿这件衣服”, “哪天我们出来聚一聚吧”, “有一天我会改变
的” 可时那个“哪天” 是几事? 再不理会它的话呢,我们的青春已经渐渐的随着



玩弄我? 可我不放弃,就是不死心只因我相信。

Namie Amuro- Best Fiction

Namie Amuro - BEST FICTION

OneRepublic - Stop And Stare