Kawaii Tokyo Brighten-Up Gel

After weeks of using Kawaii Tokyo Brighten-up gel (Citrus), my face skin tone has became lighter and brighter and my pores got smaller too.
I am a lazy person when come to skin care but I find this gel suits me a lot because after washing the face I can just apply the gel without using any toner yet the effect is still good.
I would like to recommend to ladies out there, if you don't want to have a dull complexion, try this and see if you'll benefit from it. Dare to take pictures even without make up on your faces.
Good luck.
I bought at a discounted price of $53 from Watsons (U.P $68). This product is also available at Sasa.

Shabu Shabu on his birthday

We went to a Japanese restaurant, Akashabu for Shabu Shabu to celebrate his birthday. The soup was delicious!
Simple yet satisfying.

No scientific proofs don't mean they don't exist.

Many don't believe in supernatural and even sixth sense as most consider it as COINCIDENCE.
People will only be convinced of the existence of certain things when only there are SCIENTIFIC proofs.
Well, in my point of view certain things are not explainable. Certain things need not to have scientific explanation to say they do exist.
What do you think?