Another product to intro-SCRUB

Japanese Bath Aroma sea salt

This is another product which I find it's good, a scrub suitable for body and even face. I bought for the second time now. The first one I bought was Peach Japanese Bath Aroma Bath Sea Salt (JBABSS), as printed on the tube, it says: Eject toxin, remove darkness and purify skin.
This time, I bought Rose JBABSS which will helps to moist and rejuvenate skin and smaller pore. The blue one is for my sister hers is Milk JBABSS which helps to nourish skin. This will be her first time using it after I recommended it to her.
The beads in the scrub is actually very small and soft so it won't harm much on your face not unless you scrub it hard. Ha!
Their main ingredients are sea salt, jojoba, loquat leaf, pine needels and honey. So natural.
You can find them at SASA outlets at S$9.80 but last night I just bought them at 20% discount. It's cheap and good, why not give it a try?
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