Mineral Make-up from Body Shop

Mineral make-ups are hot nowadays.I personally like Body Shop products a lot. Before the launch of their mineral make-ups, I already ordered their foundations, brush, and blusher.
The foundation gave me a more natural and radiant look and it gives me a "lighter" feel on my face rather than I used to feel heavy paint on my face when I use normal foundations (liquid and non liquid).
Mineral make-ups are good. Why? It's gentle to your skin and good thing is it can covers your light pimple scar/spot without using a concealer. What you need is a small brush, dip into the powdery foundation and gently apply it on your scar. It works!! Try it!
Another point worth to mention is, it gives you a really natural look. I recommended it to my 2 sisters and they like them and they are going to buy them.
There are many mineral make-ups available out there, get yourself one. But why I chose Body Shop? Because I already liked their products and also the concept of their business, community trade. Oh yeah, their brushes are so smooth and soft. Can't resist them.

Another product from Body Shop that I am using, mascara and eye curler.
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