Blood Sugar level perked

I do my blood sugar testing every once a week. For the first 2 weeks, my blood sugar level was normal before food but it went down below range after 2 hours of food. After realizing the trend of my blood sugar level, I adjusted my diet in order not for my blood sugar fall out from the range.

Last week, after dinner I checked again. The result was so frightening, as the level gone up so high by 40%. Oh my god! You know why? Because I ate some ICE-CREAM, a no no for a pre-diabetic me. You must be saying this " who ask you to eat them?". Yeah, nobody asked me to but myself. I really craved for it. I am just 27 but I already can't eat those things you guys enjoying.

But after some thoughts, I have to control. Or else I'll get diabetes even faster and situation will be even worse.

I don't know much about pre-diabetes or diabetes, how far this disease can harm me. So, I decided to borrow some medical books from library.
Oh my god (again)! What? I feel kind of scared. Besides, high blood pressure, stroke and amputation, I did not know that diabetes will lead to many other problems.
Here, (in case you suspect you might be getting diabetes):
1. Acne
2. Alzheimer's Disease
3. Cancer
4. Sleep Disorders
5. High Stress Hormones
6. Hypertension
7. Constipation
8. High Cholesterol
9. Inflammation
10. Poor Circulation
11. Low Vitamin level
12. Mental Fuzziness
13. Stiff blood vessels
14. Accelerated Aging
15. Mood swings
16. Anxiety
17. Depression
18. Food Cravings
19. Fatigue

In case you have a family record of having diabetes, be careful!
If you think that only obese or overweight people are prompt to diabetes, you are wrong. I am a good example. I am not overweight or obese. (but if I don't control my diet, I am afraid I will have another problem: weight management). Don't take things for granted. More and more humans are getting this disease because of their lifestyle; skipping breakfast, eating fast-food, lack of exercise...
Diabetes can result in:
blindness, nerve damage, kidney failure and amputation.
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