It just came to my realization, that am I avoiding the fact that life's good? too good to be true? That I reluctantly accepting the fact that indeed life is good?
I kept "pushing" away the already happy life of mine with the fact that I afraid I might lose it when I realize happiness. I kept telling myself it's not yet the happiest, it can be better.
But what's better than to have a husband who dotes on me a lot? a family that's always being supportive? my in-laws who are very understanding? a place for shelter? and most importantly, freedom even after married.
There might not be forever but who cares about the future if I don't care for today?

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  1. DreamReaper Says:

    Very good. Now you know where you are. You are ready to take the next step in figuring out where you want to be. Keep your heart and mind open.

    Have humanity.